About Us

Our Vision

Transforming interactions to drive positive experiences
and profound business change.

Our Mission

We unite with our customers and partners to provide trusted intelligence through our best in class platform. This multi-channel cross-journey intelligence helps our customers improve business performance in the areas of customer experience, employee performance, compliance, security, fraud and interaction automation.

Our Beliefs


Do the right things for the right reasons, especially when no one is looking.


Setting goals matters. Nothing can be accomplished without first deciding to do it, and then setting out how and when.


It takes courage and selflessness to give and receive candid feedback, and none of us can grow without it.


We will have a constancy of purpose; have vision and communicate that vision consistently at all levels of the organization.


We are open to learning; and therefore to changing behaviors in order to create competitive advantage for the team.

Having Fun

Work hard and play hard in the optimal balance.

Our Products